Viewing My Website Proof



There are two ways to view your website proof once Listing Rewards has completed production:

  1. PROOF EMAIL: Listing Rewards will send you an email once production completes.
    • Each item in your package will be listed in the Proof Email with a separate link.
    • Click on the link next to your Single Property Website
    • This link takes you directly to your SPW for this property in Corefact.
    • Edit your site and when satisfied, click continue until the website shows published.
  2. MANUALLY: Log into your Corefact account.
    • If you are in the List Assist area, select Go to My Listings
    • Go to listings
    • Find your property in the list and click on Promotion
    • Promotions
    • Under “Single Property Website” click Edit and Purchase
    • website
    • Make any necessary changes, click Save and Exit or Checkout if your site is not yet published.

NOTE: Corefact may show a charge of $19.99 as you are clicking through to publish your site.  This is normal.  Once you reach the final screen, it should show a $0 charge.  If Corefact is requesting that you enter credit card information to complete the purchase, contact us at 720-735-4977 and we will enter the product code into Corefact to eliminate the charge.