Updating & Adding Content To My Listing Rewards Package


You Have Not Received Your Proof:

E-mail your Ad Copy including listing address (in detail) to info@cbdenverlistingrewards.com.


1. Login to CoreFact

2. Select List Assist

3. Choose Go To My Listings

4. Click Edit to the Right of the Listing Address

Edit Listing

5. Add Copy to the Property Description

Property Description

6. Select Update at the Bottom of the Screen to Save Changes


7. Email info @cbdenverlistingrewards.com with the full listing address to let us know the copy is available in Corefact so your proof may be created.

NOTE: If we do not know the copy has been added, it will delay the creation of your proofs.

Your Proof Has Been Created:

Access the links provided in the proof notification email to edit, approve, and order.


1. Login to CoreFact

2. Select List Assist

3. Choose Corefact Store 

Corefact Store

4. Choose Account, Orders


5. Find the Order in the list below, click edit

Order edit

6. Add Copy to the Fields You’d Like to Update

Order description edit

7. Choose Save and Exit to order at another time or Continue to Begin Order Process

We will handle your Video Updates, Additions & Edits.  Please contact us via e-mail info@cbdenverlistingrewards.com.