Photography Choices


Rockin’ Media is the official photography vendor hired to manage and fulfill all Listing Reward orders, which includes all packages.  They will shoot up to 35 high quality, magazine-grade HDR still images and upload them to the CB Listing Rewards, which will begin the marketing process.

Coldwell Banker will support you in the event that you encounter quality or service issues with Rockin’ Media.

Should you choose to opt-out of Rockin’ Media for your photo needs, we will offer an $80 credit at the time of checkout.

Please note that opting out of the program’s photography means that you will be completely responsible for obtaining professional photos, connecting with and paying the vendors directly and ensuring that the photos are properly delivered to any needed recipients.  You will also be responsible for uploading your photos to Corefact and notifying us when you have done so.

Rockin’ Media Coverage Area:

Click HERE to view the coverage map for Rockin Media.  If your property is not located within this coverage area, make sure to opt out of photography.  You will be responsible for scheduling photography through another vendor that services your area and uploading your print quality photo files to Corefact.

If you have questions or need to reach Rockin’ Media, call 303-740-5555 or e-mail