Editing and Submitting Print Media in Corefact


There are two ways to view your print materials once Listing Rewards has completed production:

  1. PROOF EMAIL: Listing Rewards will send you an email once production completes.
    1. Each item in your package will be listed in the Proof Email with a separate link.
    2. Click on the link next to each item that you wish to edit and submit to Corefact for printing and shipping.
    3. This link takes you directly to the marketing piece in their system where you can edit any photos, ad copy, and titles you wish prior to approval.
    4. Once satisfied with your design, click continue until you reach the “Submit Order” screen.
  2. MANUALLY: Log into your Corefact account.
    1. If you are in the List Assist area, navigate to “Corefact Store” by clicking the link in that black menu bar at the top of the screen.
    2. Next, you should see a green menu bar near the top.  Click on “Account”–> “Orders” –> “Print Orders”
    3. Make sure “Recently Edited” is selected on the left side and is displaying your recently edited orders.
    4. Click the “Edit” button pertaining to the package item you wish to edit/submit for printing

REMEMBER: Your “Print and Go” flyer is not intended to be submitted to Corefact for printing.  Instead of hitting “Edit” and continuing to print, click “Download” so that the .pdf can be saved on your personal computer for printing.  If you allow Corefact to print this item, you will pay additional for this service.